Friday, April 1, 2011


Once again I am broke and it's a whole week until payday. Hopefully the 2 dolls on eBay will sell but the end of those auctions isn't until Tues. I've sent out resumes, filled out questionnaires, met people and haven't gotten one interview. I wish I could quit work. Wish I could make some money.

Wish I could move. It's gotten warm and this apt. is so stuffy. I actually turned the ac on this evening.

Wish I could get a decent haircut. Haven't had one since before the surgery. Wish I could just go buy moisturizer, a summer robe or a new handbag. Wish I could take a trip or a vacation or go out to dinner with friends without pawning something. Wish I could get all my pawned stuff back. Wish I could get the car fixed, especially the ac - or the windows. Can't make up my mind which would be better.

Wish I could move.

But - I do not wish I could lose weight. That I have covered and that is a BIG DEAL.

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