Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My WLS was nine months ago today. Had an appointment to see Dr. R. at UCSF and actually made it on time. Shouldn't have bothered. Had to wait for two hours to get in because they were so backed up.
Got close to that numb feeling you only get in doctors' offices, the airport or the DMV. A nurse came and got me and I had to pull myself together to be civil. She turned out to be very kind and encouraging. She normally worked with cancer patients. I guess because of that I told her about seeing my oncologist last week, Dr. S. and how he had nearly walked out of the room, sure he had the wrong chart. He had been the one who started me thinking seriously about WLS.
He had my history on a laptop; unlike UC which still uses paper files, how quaint. We were able to discuss the changes in my blood work and all and what an improvement I'd experienced. Dr. R. bounded in as usual and was pleased with my progress. He checked my wounds, thought I might need reconstructive surgery on my middle, told me to come back in three months after which he would "cut me loose."
It's good to have all three doctors - I've seen my primary, the oncologist and the surgeon in the last month - pleased with me. Now if my dentist would get aboard.
(The Hopi doll is one I bought in Santa Fe years ago. Isn't she beautiful. She's big, 21" tall and all of cloth with leather boots and great jewelry. She's another thing I like. Makes me happy to look at her.)

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