Friday, March 25, 2011

Not My Hair

I've never thought I was particularly pretty. Especially as I started to gain weight. But even though my hair usually needed a good cut, it was a good color and I had lots of it. It's been real short and fairly long and sometimes - very, very occasionally, just right.

But about two months ago, it started falling out. This is what happens if you don't eat enough protein. Your nails break easily too. But it was the long clumps in the shower - or my hand after a comb out - that really upset me. So I buckled down on the protein. And tried to be gentle with what I had left. Every time I washed it, I peered down at the drain, scooping up what was lost.

The scoops grew smaller and my nails seemed stronger. Perhaps I was getting enough protein.

Then this past Tuesday morning, I decided my bangs were too long. Sure that meant my hair was still growing but it wasn't until I was using the hair dryer, that I could see about an inch of soft new hair along my hair line. It was like finding a new shoot pushing up in your garden. It really was growing back. The support group had said it would and there it was.

Huzzah. Now if I could get myself in for a trim all around.

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