Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cancer Six Years Out

I saw my oncologist yesterday, after missing 2 appointments with him. The first one I missed because I couldn't find the office. Having neither a phone nor a smart phone - or even the phone number with me, I drove around taking a tour of the hills above Pleasant Hill. Didn't even have a map of the correct area. I finally went home and told them I wasn't going to make it. Felt like an idiot.

Second appointment: got to the office...2 hours late!

Is there something a little Freudian going on here. This after an excellent mammo in Oct and clean bills from all the post-weight-loss-surgery docs I've been seeing. And he's a nice person. The oncologist, I mean, but, frankly who wants to see an oncologist.

Anyway, I finally did. He was so excited about my weight-loss. We had a good talk & he went through my blood work, mammo, our last get-together. Encouraged me to get more exercise.
But he wants me back in six months instead of a year like last time. Well, the good news is I know where the place is and I put the appointment in my book...wait, let me check. No, I did.

Funny, to go back and deal with the big ca. Ok, CA. Considering how I got through it was to deny it - while doing what they told me to do - more or less.

I must remember I've done a good, no, an excellent thing for myself by having the surgery and losing the weight. I told the oncologist I felt I'd gained 10 years back and he agreed.

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