Sunday, April 17, 2011


Went to my support group yesterday and we talked about the Sleeve which is what the newest weight loss surgery procedure is called. In it, a portion of your stomach is removed, leaving you a long narrow stomach. Because your pyloric valve is still intact, you don't have the problems of absorption that I have with the Roux en Y. Also you can take ibuprofen in tablet form, where I have to smash whatever tablets I take - and I can't take the pain killer.

The down side is the weight loss goes more slowly, but you don't have a lifetime of making sure you get the correct nutrition. Of course everyone needs to be careful of that.

I seem to remember hearing about it when I was doing my first interviews and not liking the idea of my stomach being removed. Needless to say, the Sleeve is not reversible.

Another procedure is the Lapband, which I rejected when I heard you had to go in to the doctor to have it "tightened." The band is like an inner tube placed around the top of your stomach. Slowly, over the months the doctor injects saline into it which tightens it. It means your stomach feels full but because you still have your whole stomach, you still have the acid maker and the hunger hormones so you have your regular hunger, stomach acid, etc. And you can eat anything. The actual weight loss is much slower.

With both the sleeve and RNY, the actual chemistry of your stomach is changed so your old cravings and tastes are changed.

Another interesting thing we talked about was hormonal changes that happen when you lose lots of weight. I didn't know this. It appears that hormones lodge - like opiates do - in your fat cells and when you lose weight and the fat cells go, the hormones...well, go elsewhere.

I picture them bouncing around your insides, creating havoc until they dissipate. Do they dissipate?

Several people talked about going through real bitchy periods or weepy; several said they felt as they did when pregnant. We also talked about feeling achy all over which comes from the fast loss. You body is catching up. A man, there were two there yesterday, said he found he was walking bent over because his stomach had been so big. It was gone but he was still walking as though he had to push it in front of him.

I did feel very uncomfortable, especially sitting at a desk. My back ached like crazy. At group, someone said it was from having rolls of fat. You get used to leaning against them and when they're gone, you have to support yourself.

A couple of people said they fell down several times because their center of gravity was changed. At least I haven't done that!

It was good to be reminded of the changes that have taken place, not just how I eat but my most basic self. I take up different air space and move differently through it. Getting in and out of the car is different or in and out of bed or the shower. I can hold this computer on my lap. Hell, I have a lap!

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