Friday, April 8, 2011


I hadn't been to Sun Valley mall in ages. I do most of my clothes shopping at thrift stores but sometimes it's just easier and almost as cheap to go to Sears. I was looking for bottoms for the summer. When it was warm about a week ago, I had absolutely nothing except a few short-sleeved t's to wear.

Walking through the mall, I noticed how different an experience it is now. I used to be more concerned with what I was going to eat, or buy and take home. See's, Mrs. Fields, MacDonald's and so on, I knew them all well and planned my whole visit around getting treats for myself.

As for the stores, I hardly paid any attention to them. Most were full of clothing that did not fit me. Of course, there are quite a few that are for teens or twenty-somethings. But being a plus-size, I only went into Lane Bryant and the "Women's" departments of Macys, Sears of JPenny.

Now, I have to learn about the "Missus" departments and maybe even venture into one of the smaller stores. And, frankly, I'm glad not to be so focused on See's or Mrs. Fields. It's a huge relief to have that monkey off my back.

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