Thursday, April 7, 2011


Woke up last night with a drippy nose and not wanting snot on my pillow, swallowed. And swallowed again several times before I realized it was a nose bleed. I swallowed again as I sat up, reached for a tissues and got the bathroom. Pinched my nose and waited for the bleeding to stop.

Is it all blood from a nose bleed or other fluids as well? Anyway, went back to bed and fell asleep.

Until I was awakened by that nasty pressure that tells you you're going to vomit. Up out of bed again to the bathroom. I spent several unpleasant minutes retching over the toilet. Nothing came up. Just more retching until the impulse was played out. What a lovely time.

My mind was going through all the food I'd eaten the day before and I couldn't figure what prompted all this. Back to bed and, after some bothersome whirling thoughts about work, I fell asleep.

The alarm went two minutes later and I realized two things: I was calling in sick to work and it was the nose bleed fluid, the blood, that made my stomachette react. So much for drinking blood although I guess it would help you lose weight. As we used to say in high school: gross.

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