Sunday, April 3, 2011


Well, yesterday I took the roll of quarters which I had bought to use for laundry to work. The clerk took it to the bank & exchanged it for a $10 bill. I knew I needed gas. I also need yogurt so today, I went through my DVDs and Cd's, picked out several and drove to Rasputin's in Concord where I knew I could sell them.

This is something of a gamble since I'm never sure how much I will net at Rasputin's but I figured with my $10 any additional money would help. Good old Rasputin's gave me $15 which was more than I had thought.

Next gamble: how much driving around do I do to get to the cheapest gas? The sign said $3.99 a gallon but I didn't read the fine print: with a car wash otherwise it was $4.05. That's pretty much the going rate around here. But had to buy gas so gave over the $15.

Next took my $10 to Target which is on my way home. Wanted to get some protein bars. Could get them .99 a piece at Trader Joe's but I needed 4 days worth so I figured buying the box would make more sense. Then I figured Target's yogurt is cheap, though not as good as Dannon and who knows what's in it. But any port in a storm, three containers of yogurt and - Big Impulse Buy!!! two bananas. Came out with $2 and a little change.

Unfortunately, not enough for a decaf, lowfat tall latte at the Target Starbucks, but that's ok.

Mission accomplished.

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