Saturday, April 23, 2011


I was so done in today, Saturday, that I left work at half-day. I suddenly realized I felt like crap, achy all over. I felt I just had to push on through, and have felt that way all week. My head hurt and it was as though it just couldn't get clear. It dawned on me that I should just go home and sleep. So I asked my supervisor and off I went.

On Monday, I work a six-hour shift at a very busy library. Was absolutely knackered and the next day I felt done in, a feeling which continued through the week. I've been getting home and unable to do anything but get dinner and stare at the tube. I've gone to bed early each night but it obviously takes more than a decent night's sleep to restore my battery.

I hope that it's still a result of my surgery. I've lost weight, my blood work has been good and I'm eating well. I think. I've been thinking I should make an appointment with the nutritionist at John Muir to check on that. I am taking all my vitamins, etc.

It worries me that I am finding it more and more difficult doing library work. I wish I could just do my 20 hours. It's the extra hours that are hard. Even for a short four-hour shift, I'm on the desk for three hours and since the shift is usually for the busiest times of day, the hours are intense.

Customer service means dealing with many people and even when they are pleasant interactions, they are draining.

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